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What's the best way to keep up with swim team info?
Join the HG 2024 FB page

Download the Swimtopia App Make sure NOTIFICATIONS are ON

Receive team alerts for weather delays/cancellations, sign up for meets, view your volunteer commitments and swim results, and more.


Does my child have to attend all practices?
No, but the more the better.

Do I need to stay for practice?
Nope! In fact, if your kid is a little “clingy”, we’d prefer that you not.

Swimming Suits/Equipment: 

Do we have to buy the team suit?
No, a plain black suit is fine.

Does my child have to wear a swim cap?
No, but if they do it must be a Stingray’s cap or a plain cap (no logos of any kind) 

Does my child need to wear their team suit to practice?
No, any suit is fine for practice.

Do I need to buy specific goggles?
Nope. Whatever is comfortable.


What are Time Trials?
It is a mock meet that we use to both practice running an actual home meet and get times for swimmers to be properly seeded. 

What happens if my child is sick on the day of the meet? 
Please notify the Head Coach so they can adjust the heat sheet.

What is my child’s swimmer number and why is it important?
We will give it to you at the Time Trials and it is used to record your child’s time.

What if it’s raining? Thundering?
Assume practice/meets are ON unless you hear otherwise.

What happens if a meet is cancelled due to weather?
We hold the make up meet on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. 

What time do we have to be there for a meet?
4:30 PM for a home meet. 5:00 PM for an away meet. 


Do 6 & unders swim all strokes?
No. They do not swim butterfly nor do they compete in relays.

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Harrington Grove Swim Team 2024~ STINGRAYS

12201 New Leesville Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27613 | Harrington Grove Swim & Racquet Club

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