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Volunteer Information

Volunteering is the lifeblood of summer swim league. It is vitally important that all families volunteer and participate in the conduct of the meets. Each family is required to fill a volunteer role for at least 3 meets for the season. If you are on the schedule to fill a role at a meet, it is EXTREMELY important that you show up on time to fulfill your duties. The meet depends on it!  If you cannot make it, it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement.  Please take the volunteer role seriously.

You can reach out to the volunteer coordinators with any questions or concerns:
Rosie: [email protected]
Lisa: [email protected]

Below is a list of volunteer positions with a brief description:

6 & Under Rope - Responsible for putting the 15 yard rope across the pool and taking down before and after each 6 & under event.

Clean Up Crew - Puts all chairs and loungers back on the deck. Puts away the purple rope and supports, return poolside basketball goal, takes down starters tent.

Clerk of Course - Manages the swimmers behind the blocks; ensures swimmers are in appropriate lanes and combines heats when appropriate. (High experience role)

Head Timer - Sets up TimeDrops system and conducts timers meeting. Manages the timing system throughout the meet. 

Heat Ribbon Distributor - Hands out ribbons to participants and heat winners for 10 and unders.

Hospitality - Hands out water to volunteers.

Kid Pusher - Stages and organizes the younger children (12 and under) into the appropriate heats.

Order of Finish Official - Watches first heat of each event and records 1st, 2nd, and 3rd finishes. Provides information to scoring table in case of issues with times of the race.

Overall Ribbon Manager - Responsible for ordering ribbons before the season starts and setting up ribbon file box with swimmers' names. After each meet, responsible for printing up the label with winning swimmer/ event information and then placing on appropriate ribbons the day after the meet (to be ready for Thursday practice) and then placing ribbons in the file box for distribution to the swimmers by the coaches.

Ribbon Manager (meet level) - Sits near the scorer and works with the ribbon team for the other team. Ribbons for 1st-6th place are pulled for each first heat and are organized into two sets- home and away, per stroke. The ribbons for the away team are given to the away team at the end of the meet. Labels are printed after the meet by each team and placed on their respective ribbons after the meet. 

Personal Best Ribbon Manager- Prints out (or receives print out) of labels for any personal best times achieved for swimmers 12 or under; places labels on Personal Best ribbons and orders by age group for filing in the ribbon box. Note: Generally these ribbons are reserved for swimmers that don't normally receive ribbons (ie non-first heat swimmers). 

Runner - Takes the DQ slips and any other communication from Head Timer or Order of Finish Official to the scorer. 

Scorer - Manages the scoring electronically within Swimtopia (usually requires bring your own laptop). This includes updating for DQs or changes required if there is discrepancies between timing and the Order of Finish Official.

Set Up Crew - Removes all chairs and loungers from deck, sets up 4-5 rows of chairs behind each lane behind the blocks (where the kids are lined up), puts up the  purple rope around the pool, takes down basketball goal, sets up starters tent.

Starter - Announces the meet and starts each heat. (high experience role)

Stroke & Turn Judge - Ensures that each swimmer is using proper technique for first heat of each event only. (High experience role and requires special training from TSA in advance.

Swimmer Check-in - Checks in the swimmers prior to the meet and ensures their number is written on the arms and back of the swimmers.
*Reserved for parents of 6 and unders, and usually new to the team

Timer - Stands at the finish line of each event and hits a button on a device when the swimmer touches the wall. (We are using TimeDrops this year as the timing system.)  

TSA Rep - Responsible for the conduct of the meet, adjudicates issues/concerns, enforces rules, and official signatory at the conclusion of the meet. TSA reps are responsible for tracking and posting team and pool records and entering meets scores into the league system. (This is an elected role)

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