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Volunteer Information

Volunteering is the lifeblood of summer swim league. It is vitally important that all families volunteer and participate in the conduct of the meets. Each family is required to fill a volunteer role for at least 3 meets for the season. If you are on the schedule to fill a role at a meet, it is EXTREMELY important that you show up on time to fulfill your duties. The meet depends on it!  If you cannot make it, it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement.  Please take the volunteer role seriously.

Below is a list of volunteer positions with a brief description:

6 & Under Rope - Responsible for putting the 15 yard rope across the pool and taking down before and after each 6 & Under event.

Clean Up Crew - Puts all chairs and loungers back on the deck. Puts away the ropes, puts up basketball goal, takes down starters tent.

Clerk of Course - Ensures swimmers are in appropriate lanes and combines heats when appropriate (high experience role)

Head Timer - Sets up Swimmingly system and conducts timers meeting.

Heat Ribbon Distributor - Hands out ribbons to participants and heat winners for the younger children

Hospitality - Hands out water to volunteers

Kid Pusher - Stages and organizes the young children into the appropriate heats

Place Judge - Determines swimmer place (1st - 6th) in the main heat only. We supply 3 judges and the other team supplies 3.  This is what determines the score of the meet. (High experience role)

Recorder - Records the swimmer place as determined by the place judges 

Ribbon Writer - Writes the names and times on the ribbons for 1st - 6th place

Runner - Takes the scoring and DQ slips to the scorer

Scorer - Tallies the score from the scoring slips and incorporates DQs.  This is historically done on paper but going forward will be done electronically in the Swimtopia scoring portal for the meet

Set Up Crew - Removes all chairs and loungers from deck. Puts up ropes, takes down basketball goal, sets up starters tent.

Starter - Announces the meet and starts each heat. (high experience role)

Stroke & Turn Judge - Ensures that each swimmer is using proper technique for main heats only (High experience role and requires special training)

Swimmer Check-in - Checks in the swimmers prior to the meet and ensures correct Swimmingly number is written on the arms and back of the swimmers.

Timer - Times each heat using the Swimmingly System. 
Please download the Swimmingly timing app on your smartphone prior to the meet.

TSA Rep - Responsible for the conduct of the meet, adjudicates issues/concerns, enforces rules, and official signatory at the conclusion of the meet. TSA reps are responsible for tracking and posting team and pool records and entering meets scores into the league system. (this is an elected role)

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